About Rezserve Technologies

For more than a decade, Rezserve has earned a reputation for providing intuitive and powerful tools for the lodging industry. The company is guided by an overarching vision to create a complete solution that empowers our customers with the technology, services, support and partner network they need in order to succeed in a competitive market.

Meet The Team
Clint Skidmore

One of the founding partners of the company, Clint has always envisioned a flexible system with few restrictions. His passion is what drives the quality and success of the company and its products.

Christine Reimer
Lead Design & Development

Christine uses her creativity and diverse skill set to implement design and usability as Rezserve's lead designer. Perfectionism, and an ever growing caffeine addiction, provide the fuel to complete projects quickly and efficiently. 

Thiago Cruz
Lead Programmer

As a web developer, Thiago is driven to develop and create products with an emphasis on efficiency and functionality. Trained as programmer, Thiago has the ability to break down technical details and articulate them to current and potential customers.

Willie Chik
Design & Development

Willie is a web designer with experience in many disciplines. As part of Rezserves’s creative team, he works with clients to design fresh digital experiences that draw inspiration from the industry’s best pratices.

Nenna Craythorne
Product Sales Manager

Nenna lends a hand where needed from customer service to corporate sales. The wealth of knowledge she acquired throughout her many years of travels to the Caribbean has proved invaluable to our clients by providing the best possible booking experience out there.

Eric Berndt
Design & Development

As a web developer, Eric is driven to create intuitive and user-friendly products with an emphasis on efficiency and functionality. Trained as a graphic and web designer, he uses his skills to produce effective sites that are multi-device and user friendly.

Andrew Noon
Media Production

With a formal education in film and a background in business management, Andrew’s wide range of talents help Rezserve's clients on a day to day basis. His uncanny eye for composition and passion for web-marketing help bring a definite voice to your company

Indika Maradingha

Since coming to Canada in 2002, Indika has been enjoying everything BC has to offer. A perfect week for Indika would include as many sports and outdoor activities as possible, a ticket to the hockey game and, of course, some bookkeeping - a field he has been working in for ten years.

Tuco Salamanca

Tuco brings superior biting skills to the team in addition to a good dose of puppy mischief.